What is your payment process?

We accept these forms of payment: cash, check, or credit card. We do not set up terms for any account. Sorry. Payment is due before product is shipped.

What format do you accept for my art files?

The best and least expensive for you is to send us vector art. Common file extensions for vector art are .ai, .cdr, or .eps. We can work from a bit map (jpeg, psd) but, the file would have to be converted to vector format. There is a charge for this.

Do you provide any other services other than screen printing tshirts?

Yes, we can provide nearly all of your printing needs. We also provide stickers, banners, signs, promo products and embroidery.

What is the normal turn-around for my products?

If it's a t-shirt order ... we can usually get it to you in 3-5 days ... depending on your location. Stickers and banners take a little longer ... about 10 days. Embroidery ... 7 days.

What is a digitizing fee?

When you want embroidery, we have to take your art and convert it to a program that the embroidery machine can understand. This process is called digitizing. It also will give us an accurate stich count. Stich count is how we know how much the design will cost to put on your garment.

Why don't you charge a set-up fee like other screen printers?

Sometimes it seems like you are getting a better price per garment when a printer will quote you a price and then you are hit with set-up fees, screen fees, and art fees. We like for you to know up front what your cost will be per shirt.