We try and stay on the cutting edge of technology ... we have always been facinated with discharge inks ... but in the past the chemicals used for discharge were ... well, smelly. You would basically have to wash the garments after you printed them to get the smell out. A few years back ink manufactures perfected the process where by the use of the chemicals were not necessary. Now, we have inks that discharge the color of the garment, replacing it with a desired color giving you a super soft hand and better color fastness over the life of the gament. Discharge printing is more of a water based printing using a different process in curing of the garment. It costs a little more for several reasons ... it takes longer to cure, the ink has a shelf life after activation of just a couple of hours and has to be disposed of, the screens have to be coated with a different emulsion. All of that means it's a little bit more expensive .. but most like the results and are willing to pay it.

There are other speciality inks that we use: glitter, shimmer, high density inks, puff inks, and foil to name a few.