We strive to keep one important rule in our business. We treat others like we would like to be treated. Simple. Our business has grown from a simple garage shop to a business that employees depend on to make a living. With that in mind, we know that we are not the cheapest on the block. We have a certain way of doing business that works well for us. It works well for the over 500 current customers at Red Roof Ventures. Our best claim to fame is ... they keep coming back. **We are NOT affliated with ASI (Advertising Specialites Institute) any longer. We would be happy to tell you why.

We have a few policies that we work by in a consistent manner:

1.) Our production board works on a first come first served basis. Quanity does not push any job ahead of another.

2.) Contract customers are responsible for drop shipping garments to us from their suppliers. We like to know ahead of time when those shipments are arriving.

3.) Your shirts are checked in by a specific process. They are counted prior to the start of your production run. If the count is off, ie. the shirt supplier shorted the count ... we kick the job out of the que until contact is made to you. We suggest that if you do business with us on a regular basis that you keep a light stock on hand in the event this happens. It does happen a lot. We also suggest that you order at least one shirt extra in each size ... if your count is vital. Things happen. We can't tell you the number of times we print the front of a shirt order and then find a hole on the back.

4.) Your shirt order is counted again before it goes to press.

5.) Your shirt order is counted the 3rd time before it is folded and placed back in your original box for shipment. A work order must accompany your order to avoid count discrepancies. Please count your shirts upon delivery.

6.) Red Roof Ventures liability for any direct damages of any kind will not exceed an amount equal to the amount paid by client to Red Roof Ventures for the order. Red Roof Ventures will not replace any garment.

7.) All art is sent for approval. Without art approval, your job does not go into the production que. All art files provided by client must be in a clean eps format, with no bitmaps, all colors grouped, all colors converted to spot pantones, and free from all clipping paths and contour groupings. Send art to scale or provide written instructions on sizing. Do not send art on a tshirt mock up via eps file. A jpg of the finished shirt is required for placement and content.

8.) We will provide every consideration on rush orders even during the peak season.

9.) We will not produce obscene art or language.

10.) Payment is due before shipping. Upcharge on credit cards may apply.

11.) Our work orders need to be complete before your job goes into the production que.

12.) We will drop ship your order to your customer or to your location. Your shipper number must be provided.

13.) Returned check fee: $50

14.) Our normal production is 7-10 days. Rush fee applies for under 5 days.

15.) Prices are subject to change without notice.

16.) Written orders are the only way to assure accuracy.

17.) We are not responsible for bleeding or other printing problems due to the nature of the garment.

18.) We are not responsible once your order has been shipped. Insurance is left up to your discretion.

19.) Imprint area is left to our discretion. Shoulder prints, hem prints, over the seam prints fall differently on each size shirts.

20.) Shirts will not be shipped until full payment has been made. Checks need to be pre-authorized. We do not ship C.O.D.

21.) You must agree to these terms in a written email prior to working relationship. Business liscenses, UPS shipper number, Tax ID's, Credit Card info, all need to be present before first order goes to production.